Research, Innovation and Start-up Committee


This new committee as instrumental in our pursue to further develop the business environment of Bulgaria. AmCham is among the organizations with highest impact in the country. This, we believe, should be materialized in fostering and shaping a business climate that supports and nurtures startup companies and it is a catalyst for innovation.


Research and Innovation Goals
  • to foster the creation of an ecosystem with successful models for technology transfers from AmCham members or sister organizations to the State Agency for Research and Innovation. Thus, creating a local model for technological transfer.
  • to cooperate with academia and AmCham members to fill the gap between the scientific potential of the universities and the needs of the business.
  • improvement of the quality and type of data collected and shared via the open data website.
Startup Support Goals
  • Based on stakeholders’ feedback, including from BESCO, there is a need to amend the existing Commercial Law to meet the new startup reality.
  • to identify other ways of sourcing and funding of startups and scale-ups.
  • to create an environment to help startups by validating their ideas.


Ryan Fisher, Hill City Global
Eric Dumas, Smule

Mr. George Alexandrov, General Manager, Oracle Bulgaria
AmCham Board Member (2020 – 2022), Founder and First Chair Research, Innovation, and Start-up Committee (2021 – 2022)

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