Business Visa Program

The Consular section of the U.S. Embassy in Sofia is proud to announce its Business Visa Program (BVP) to AmCham Bulgaria members.  This program was created in 2014 and is designed to promote and facilitate bilateral business and investment between our two countries.  BVP significantly reduces the waiting time for a visa interview by providing access to special appointment blocks kept only for BVP members.

Additionally, BVP members have access to direct phone and email lines for business visa questions, instead of going through the global call center. Through the Business Visa Program, we provide the enrolled business with personalized service and information specific to the company’s situation.

This program is designed for business travel only by full-time employees of member companies of the Business Visa Program in Bulgaria.


Please be aware that: 

•  The Business Visa Program is offering membership to all established, profitable and legitimate businesses in Bulgaria, including Bulgarian branches of foreign companies.

•  Large companies are given direct access to the interview appointment system with an option to schedule interview appointments for B1/B2E2H3and L1 visas for qualified employees even for the next business day.

•  Visa applicants must be full-time, direct-hire employees, not temporary or contract workers. The spouse of the applicant and unmarried children under 21 may also apply at the same time as the employee.

•  Membership is valid indefinitely, provided that member companies adhere to program guidelines and comply with all accountability measures.

•  BVP appointments are limited to those applicants traveling for business purposes only.

•  BVP is free of charge.

Want to become a member? Just follow the instructions on the official web site of the U.S. Embassy in Sofia.

For further information about BVP, email us at [email protected]

For more information about U.S. visas, please visit the U.S. Visa information Service for Bulgaria.