Amgen, Johnson Controls, and Vivacom Join AmCham Board of Directors

Three new members have joined AmCham board of directors at the elections held during the General Assembly meeting June 15th held at the Grand hotel Sofia: Krassimira Chemishanska, General Manager, Amgen Bulgaria, Mihaela Kalaydjieva, Secretary General, Vivacom, and Roman Vasilev, Director, Johnson Controls Electronics Bulgaria. AmCham cordially thanks the other 2 members who applied for the board: Ivailo Slavov, BulPros Consulting and Snejana Ivanova, Microsoft Bulgaria.

AmCham honored three outgoing members of the board:

Dana Leff Niedzielska PPD Bulgaria, for her contribution to the business community as a board member and co-chair of the CSR committee (Jan. 2008-June 2011);

Stefan Ivanov, Citibank N.A. – Sofia Branch for his contribution as a board member and vice-president (June 2007- June 2011);

Tanya Kosseva-Boshova, European Trade Center for her contribution as a board member and vice-president (June 2005 – June 2011). Peter Lithgow, AmCham president has given out certificates of honor to the three Bod members, as well as oil canvases of Kiril Bozhkilov.

Krassimira Chemishanska to Promote Innovation to Enhance Growth

Krassimira Chemishanska said she can contribute to the further success of AmCham in Bulgaria by combining her strong personal and professional profile with Amgen’s reach corporate, scientific, business and network capacity, by focusing on several key priority directions:

– Bringing and promoting innovation to enhance further growth, encouraging investments in areas of substantial added value like biotechnology

– Encouraging cross-country scientific exchange and education

– Engaging government bodies and institutions in partnership projects.

Her professional experience has been focused on working with government and healthcare institutions, health professionals and patient organizations, ensuring access of novel medical products to the Bulgarian healthcare system and improving quality of patient care.

Mihaela Kalaydjieva to Help Strengthen Business-governmental Relations

Mihaela Kalaydjieva affirmed the audience she could contribute to the cause of AmCham in many directions, including but not only the CSR, HR, harmonization of EU trends and legislation in the telecom sector. She vowed to contribute to the joint efforts in improving the business environment in Bulgaria and strengthening the partnership between government and business. Mihaela Kalaydjieva has more than 10 years of experience in the telecom business with main focus being business-governmental relations, as well as CSR and HR in the last years.

Roman Vasilev to Work on Bulgarian Attractiveness for Knowledge Driven Outsourcing

Roman Vasilev engaged in addressing the growing challenges:

As active member of AmCham educational reform workgroup, he is committed to collaborate with government and business leaders in Bulgaria to drive business-applicable education improvements. Mr Vasilev will promote and enhance Bulgarian attractiveness for knowledge driven outsourcing and investments. Roman Vasilev elaborated on the CSR involvement and effectiveness, affiliated with integrity and social responsibility that are key corporate values he stands for and applies both personally and professionally.

CSR Awarding Ceremony

Dana Leff-Niedzelska, co-chairman of the committee on corporate social responsibility and manager of PPD together with Elitsa Barakova, Director of Aid Foundation Charity in Bulgaria (BCAF) have given out certificates of appreciation to 35 companies that took part in the spring Volunteer Day on May 28th.

The certificates honored the companies for their work on 23 projects in Sofia, Stara Zagora, Varna, Shoumen, Blagoevgrad, Gabrovo and Sliven. Projects included cleaning of parks, painting of garden facilities, aid in homes for children without parents and the elderly, centers for children with disabilities, centers for environmental protection. Volunteers helped repair and renewal of equipment in homes and maintenance of parks