Five Great Stops of AmCham Bulgaria Members Outreach 2024

With the onset of spring, travel occasions are trending upwards. When we talk about this in the context of AmCham Bulgaria these trips are about opening new horizons for us and the Chamber community.

A week later, we can now tell you the story of this year’s AmCham Bulgaria Members Outreach which met with member companies in the southern economic zone of our state.

Businesses in this part of Bulgaria are responsible for a huge part of our economy’s development, as well as providing thousands of jobs and boosting the well-being of hundreds of families. 

Therefore we are eager to outline the highlights of our meetings with the representatives of five great companies: 
  • Asarel-Medet
  • Arexim Engineering EAD
  • Ekoterm Proekt EAD
  • Dundee Precious Metals

The first stop of the AmCham Members Outreach 2024 was at Asarel-Medet with Nikolay Peltekov, Ana Findzhova, Hristo Paev, and Hristo Elkin from the company. The visit of AmCham’s team to the company with nearly 60 years of history included the Visitor Center with an exposition, a Dispatch Point with an observation platform, and a cathode copper production factory.

The second stop from the outreach was at Arexim Engineering EAD – a top-tier provider of BigSix in the automotive industry and to major manufacturers such as Bosch, Makita UK, Schneider Electric and more. The fascinating history of the family venture, which began at the dawn of private initiative in the early 1990s, and a tour of the production facilities, laboratories, and warehouse was presented in person by owner Kirill Assenov.

The third stop on the AmCham Members Outreach 2024 was KYASHIF, a family-owned company with over 45 years of history and experience in the design and manufacture of hydraulic cylinders – standard and customer-designed. To date, it has produced over 350,000 cylinders annually using innovative equipment from global brands such as Haas Automation, Inc. and Mazak Europe. Its customers include global companies such as Liebherr Group, John Deere, and several others. With their perseverance, tireless work, ingenuity to innovate, excellent quality, and care for their nearly 600 employees, they put Jebel and Bulgaria on the world map of mechanical engineering.

The fourth stop of the trip was at Ekoterm Proekt EAD The conversation with company manager Marin Marinov focused on their development plans for green transformation, the heating and air conditioning needs of households and public buildings, and the efficient utilization of biomass. The company has registered two utility models with the Patent Office and three gold medals from the International Fair Plovdiv

The fifth and final stop was at Dundee Precious Metals Inc.’s Ada Tepe Mine. Krumovgrad. The AmCham Bulgaria delegation was welcomed by the two most senior Bulgarian executives in the company who have been promoted to significant global positions because of their achievements, competencies, leadership, and potential – Iliya Garkov and Irena Tsakova. The colleagues were joined by Ismail Salif and Veselin Dinev, who are also in senior positions at the Krumovgrad Mining Company. Ivan Mihaylov, Petya Kostova, and Daniel Kiryakov, PMP were introduced to the mine’s dredging stage, the innovative Integrated Mine Waste Storage Facility (IMWIS), the Crushing Plant, the Control Room, and the Finished Products Warehouse. The final stop was at the Gold Museum, where Dzhanan Salif, who is an important part of the project team, and the museum’s director, Leyla Edirnelli, presented the exhibition, which has an interactive digital art and artifacts – mining artifacts and their replicas.

The AmCham Team was represented by Ivan Mihaylov, CEO, Petya Kostova, Business Development Manager, and Daniel Kiryakov, Communications and Public Affairs Manager.

We are happy that part of the Chamber team was able to see and actively participate in the sustainable progress in Bulgaria to which our members contribute. These encounters are the stories AmCham Bulgaria is telling both in Brussels and during the U.S. Outreach that is yet to come in 2024. We will tell you more about it in the coming months.

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